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Welcome to Our New Site!

March 11, 2024


The Infrastructure Update

We are continuing to work on our new site but felt we should give you access to the new members features while we work on the graphical side of the overhaul. Thus we are publishing the Infrastructure Update. This new website creates features for members as well as reorganizing our content to be more user friendly. Let's start the tour of our new site:

  • Our new Main Page shows you our spotlighted information, news from the Board, upcoming events, and galleries from previous events.

  • Our new Membership Page shows you the types and benefits of memberships as well as the types of events we hold.

  • Our new News Page shows you all of the past, present, and future updates and information from the Board.

  • Our new Events Page shows you all of the upcoming events we are organizing or informing you about. We also now have sub-pages showing you - the event calendar, a form for people to present an event, past events, and the galleries of photos and videos from those past events.

  • Our new Services Directory displays individual pages for each Company Member.

  • Our new Donate Page allows you to donate money (will be coming soon), items, and your time by means of volunteering.

  • Our new Contact Page now has options on what subject you are contacting us about so we can more efficiently help you. The FAQ sub-page has been given an overhaul with a greater number of questions and answers to help you.

  • Our new About Page mainly consists of our message and mission statements from the previous website's Home page. However, the About page has three new sub-pages; a Board page with individual pages for each Board member, an Affiliates page showing other nonprofits that work with the Guild, and a History page that will be coming with the future graphic update.

  • Our new Login Dropdown Menu and Account Page give our members a number of new features and resources. You can now access your account to view your notifications, events you have signed up for, your personal info, and your membership status. Members can also access exclusive pages like the Members Event List for access to members only events, past videos of events and meetings, livestreams when any events or meetings are happening, an opt-in members map to see any members close by for collaborative purposes, a link to the Guild's Discord, the ability to submit photos and videos for posting to the Guild's social media accounts, and the ability to add content to company pages for company members. These pages can be accessed from the profile page or the account/login dropdown menu. A few of these features will be coming after they are finalized.

We hope this new website will be more useful and engaging as we grow. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, would like help us with the graphics, or have an issue on a part of the site by using the new contact form on the Contact page.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild

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