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Puppetry Monitor Workshop - VIRTUAL, FREE

Puppeteers will spent time with other GPAPG members while learning to proficiently perform in front of studio monitors and improve the many necessary skills in this fun, meaningful, insider workshop.

Puppetry Monitor Workshop - VIRTUAL, FREE

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Virtual Registration: This event will be held at Monkey Boys Productions, but is offered to GPAPG members virtually! Presenters will be Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder of Big Howl & Michael Latini, a Co-Founder of Monkey Boys Productions. Additionally you will have dedicated zoom hosts. A zoom link will be emailed to you the day before or the day of the event. Please make sure to log-in 15 minutes before start time to make sure your technology is working. Virtual attendees will have two ways to prepare for this event. We hope you will have a fabulous time, which ever you choose. 

1. Watch and Learn - Log into zoom and watch the workshop unfold. Enjoy and learn from the comfort of your own home. 


2. Watch & Participate - To duplicate the activities that will be done in this workshop you will need a muppet-stype hand puppet (ideally with eyes). You will also need a screen to log into zoom and another method to see yourself perform set-up at eye height. You could choose a mirror or another computer or phone. This should allow you to replicate what is being done in the studio to a great extent. 

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