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Tom Tucker


Tom, with his partner Marianne, is Co-director of TUCKERS’ TALES PUPPET THEATRE (the Performing division of Puppet Perceptions, Inc.) a Philadelphia area performing company founded in 1981. Tom designs and assembles most of the scenery, stages and sets, and many of the puppets for the company. Tom is also responsible for much of the company’s script writing.

Tom has been quite active in national and local puppet organizations. A member of The Puppeteers of America, The Greater Philadelphia Area Guild of Puppetry, and UNIMA-USA, he has served in a number of offices. Tom is a past president of both the Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild and the Puppeteers of America, and has served as the Regional Director of both the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic Regions. He was a USA counselor for the 2004 UNIMA World Festival in Croatia. Tom was the director of the 1995 P of A National Festival, and has been a staff member or director for 9 Regional and National Festivals, and 2 Guild Festivals.

A full-time performing company, Tuckers’ Tales Puppet Theatre has performed in 22 states, Canada, the Caribbean and on several television programs. They have performed at four National and five Regional festivals, and have conducted workshops at 10 National, 11 Regional & 2 Guild festivals.

Tom Tucker
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