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Sally J. Moore

Membership Chair

My name is Sally J. Moore and I have been appointed by the board to serve as the membership chairperson for the GPAPG. It is my honor to do so. I hope to make each and every guild member feel welcome and help them get value from their membership.

I have been a supporter of the puppetry arts for the last eleven years and am an advocate for my niece, Brittany Wilhelm, who is a puppeteer. I have been a member of Puppeteers of America for the last 11 years, attended three National Puppetry Festivals (2013, 2019 and 2023) as well as originally joining the Philadelphia Puppetry Guild in 2013. Over the last 2-3 years I served with Edna Bland on the Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion committee of POA and will be chairing that committee this coming year.

I am a retired Philadelphia School teacher with a master’s degree in educational leadership. I have also worked extensively in healthcare marketing.

Again, it is my pleasure to serve you!

Sally J. Moore
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