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Roni DeFalco


I'm Roni DeFalco, and I have a confession to make: 

I'm absolutely obsessed with puppets! 

Since 2004, I've been living the dream as a puppet builder in the vibrant Philadelphia area. With a BFA in fine arts from Moore College of Art and Design, I've honed my craft and mastered the art of bringing 

characters to life. 

Armed with over 15 years of fabrication experience and a solid decade specializing in mascot building, I've had the incredible opportunity to contribute my skills to some amazing projects. I'm proud to have been one of the creators behind Gritty, the beloved mascot for the Flyers, and Phang, the iconic figure for the Union. But my passion doesn't stop there. I envision a future for puppets and puppeteering that's truly inclusive, embracing the diverse ways we can use these magical creations. I believe in celebrating the unique and wonderful stories that puppets can tell, and I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this art form. So, whether it's crafting whimsical puppets, building captivating mascots, or exploring the endless possibilities of this enchanting world, I'm your go-to puppet aficionado!

Roni DeFalco
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