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We are the oldest puppetry guild in the United States, founded in 1938. We were chartered in 1940 by The Puppeteers of America as their 2nd chartered guild and remain affiliated to this day. The Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild (GPAPG) is growing. With a new organizational model we will hold meetings and performances virtually while also encouraging face-to-face meet-ups! We area developing friendships, sharing our love of the puppetry arts and creating a vibrant puppetry arts community. We hope you will consider joining GPAPG.

Although GPAPG has had a few years of inactivity, we elected a new board October 2023 and and are structuring a guild that meets the needs of our members, whether they are a professional or an enthusiast. Come join us at our next event. We’d love to share all that Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild has to offer!


Our mission it to encourage and promote puppetry as a means of communication, an extension of human expression and as a performing art: to enhance the proficiency and the art of puppetry, both professional and amateur, by publications, workshops, conventions, or festivals, lectures, advisory services and any and all of other means and methods. GPAPG will operate exclusively for charitable educational purposes.

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